Helping Make South Yuba County Communities Better

Plumas Lake is a master planned community which began in 2003 and is thirty miles north of Sacramento and ten miles south of Marysville in Yuba County California. Based on the latest Census, the population of Plumas Lake in 2010 was 5,853. This is the location where our story begins.

The idea to create this non profit 501c3 organization, Youth and Family Opportunities Unlocked (YFOU) was born out of the fact Plumas Lake lacked any significant spaces in which to provide more opportunities and activities for children, families and adults. As a result, when our organization was formed in the fall of 2015 we initially felt our mission was to build a multi-purpose community center facility which would provide that much needed space to be of benefit to the residents of South Yuba County.

In 2017 as the YFOU organization learned more about the Olivehurst Public Utility District’s (OPUD) future plans to build a community center in Plumas Lake our plans changed. Since OPUD already has land on which to build a community center and money is being set aside each time a new home is built as a part of the master planned community, we are in the process of seeking to partner with OPUD to raise money to help the utility district be able to build the community center faster.

Olivehurst is a community just north of Plumas Lake and the two communities share a zip code. According to the latest census, the population of Olivehurst in 2010 was 13,656.

These two communities of Plumas Lake and Olivehurst are the specific areas where the Youth and Family Opportunities Unlocked (YFOU) organization is currently focused on providing opportunities and activities for children, families and adults. We began our first program, an after school program, in Plumas Lake in January 2016. Then late in 2017 we were asked by the Olivehurst Public Utility District (OPUD) if we were interested in utilizing their organization’s youth center. The answer was a resounding yes as we had been searching for the means to expand our services into Olivehurst. Plans now call for us to begin utilizing the youth center in April 2018.